Recognizing that an estimated 1 billion birds are killed or maimed each year by mid-air collisions with high and low rise windows, Imagic Glass is pleased to introduce revolutionary new, environmentally conscious building glass with a focus on the architectural design and construction community. This glass utilizes a bird-friendly design and fabrication process that effectively helps birds see and avoid windows. While optically clear and free from visual obstructions to the human eye,  birdsiglass™ features a patent pending UV light barrier which deters the flight approach by birds without compromising thermal performance or light transmittance.

Phase One testing completed with an 84% success rate and was recognized by the American Bird Conservancy as “our best performance to date for a UV solution”. Phase Two, in-situ real world field testing at a problematic bird collision site in Toronto is to begin spring 2017.

  • Optically clear
  • No patterns, graphics or grids to align piece-to-piece
  • Available as laminated glass (annealed or tempered) in any thickness
  • Meets or exceeds all relevant safety codes (ANSI Z97.1, CPSC 16CFR 1201, CGSB 12.1)
  • More than 2,100 hours exposure in QUV Accelerated Weather Tester with no discernible difference
  • Reduced sound transmission
  • Blocks over 98% of harmful UV light